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Ter | 30.06.09

Volta ao Mundo

Dinamarca, 2005

Formação mínima do profissional de biblioteca escolar: 27 ECTS (créditos pelo sistema europeu de Bolonha para o ensino universitário), no mínimo 1 ano, e curriculum de referência (nacional).

«The new school librarian education course is designed to develop a variety of different school librarian functions among which general school development is considered one of the most important theoretical skills. Pedagogical guidance and professional help with common educational matters, ICT and new Medias also have high priority.(…). The big challenge (…) is to make the school librarians capable of taking leadership (…) Education and socialisation in a chaotic world are difficult assignments and overview and order must be replaced with strategic navigation and orientation on behalf of different cultural backgrounds. Children’s spiritual and intellectual potential has to be carefully supported to maximise their qualifications and evolution as human beings and in this sense the school libraries must act as a catalyst

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The pedagogically working school library


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