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Sex | 01.10.10

The European Children's Traveling Language Library

Entidades de 6 países envolveram-se neste projecto. Vale a pena acompanhar.

The European Children's Traveling Language Library , is a European Union funded project.
It is targeted at motivating children that have recently started to learn a foreign language to:
1. Exposure them to the rich heritage of European languages and cultures
2. Be motivated to learn languages
3. Build a love of reading as the best form of autonomous lifelong learning
4. Reinforce emerging literacy

Traveling libraries of the most beautifully illustrated children's books in six European languages will travel from school to school across Europe.
Each school has the library for a period and has to carry out a number of educational and collaborative activities before, during and after the visit of the Library and place the results on the project website for use and viewing by other schools.