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Sex | 12.03.10

Serviços de referência por tecnologias móveis

As questões pertinentes colocadas por Kelly Brouillard, bibliotecária na Texas Woman's University, a propósito da sua biblioteca estar a equacionar usar mensagens de texto e tecnologias móveis  para responder a quem recorre aos serviços de referência:

My library is considering text messaging to answer our Ask a Librarian questions. For those libraries already using text messaging, how are you implementing this service?

From the research I've done thus far it looks like most libraries are doing one of 2 things:

1. Subscribing to Mosio's Text a Librarian OR

2. Receiving and responding to text messages from a library owned cell phone or smart phone

In your experience, what are the positives and negatives of these two options? Any success stories you'd like to share? Stories where it went horribly wrong? Has anyone else implemented a different method of texting in their library?

Also, are set hours for providing the service better than leaving it open to the library's hours of operation? How have your patrons (specifically students and faculty at universities) responded to the service? Did it require a lot of marketing by the library? Any feedback on texting service would be greatly appreciated!

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