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Seg | 10.02.14

"Promoting your School Library"

This short promotional film, developed by ALIA Schools, is for principals, school communities, teacher librarians, library staff and teachers. The film gives an overview of the exciting role that school libraries and teacher librarians can play by contributing to student success in learning in both primary and secondary school settings. It is evident that student enthusiasm and interest guarantees an ongoing role for the school library.

School libraries nurture, enrich, inspire, stimulate and challenge. Above all they establish a framework for lifelong learning for their students.The school library provides access for everyone in a caring environment where positive relationships are developed, where students feel supported and connected, where their wellbeing is paramount.School libraries assist students to understand their environment, experience the world and develop their imagination through the world of literature. Teacher librarians ensure students are provided with literature at their reading level and interest, across a wide range of genres, styles and formats.Teacher librarians work closely with their teaching colleagues to prepare units of work which cater for all students whatever their learning style or ability. These units focus on discovery, doing and differentiation. Students are taught using a framework which emphasises the skills of finding, evaluating, synthesising and presenting information.


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