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Ter | 09.04.13

"Podcast" sobre o futuro dos livros

Um podcast sobre o futuro dos livros, Does the book have a future in a digital age?, produzido pelo programa I'm Rex Murphy ...on CBC Radio Oneque pode ser escutado aqui >>.

Reproduzimos parte da introdução ao tema:

Over the last four centuries the humble book has grown to become a central part of our cultural lives. It has been the main vehicle to carry and disseminate ideas, stories, histories and even pictures. It has been the starting point for serious study and contemplation, by way of the rich body of collected works of thinkers and writers through the ages. It has also been the end point for diversion and entertainment as the novel developed and rose to heights of complexity and artistry.

Well, all that is changing, now that books can be rendered electronically. Some might ask, does it really amount to much of a change when it is simply a shift in the manner of presentation? Well... yes and no. Reading a book on an e-reader is not much different than reading it in a paper-bound form. Some might disagree, but it goes further than that. Once ideas, thoughts, articles and books are presented digitally many other things become possible. It affects the way the information is taken in and shared. Digital content can be active content -- meaning it can present links to related material or multimedia content. It means alternate paths can be offered and chosen while proceeding through a book. It can be shared simultaneously with others making it a parallel experience. This all has the effect of changing our focus, expectations and consumption of the words and ideas that have for so long come in bound form. 

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