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Seg | 24.07.17

Os professores e os bibliotecários veem a literacia da informação da mesma maneira?



CHIN, Melody and WALKER, Daniel. Do faculty and librarians

see information literacy in the same way? A study of alignment. ().

Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2017,

April 11-14. Research Collection Library, 2017.



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Faculty and Librarians are two distinct professional groups each with their own subcultures, values and experiences. Hardesty (1995) noted the existence of a "faculty culture" amongst faculty members, which quite likely shapes and influences the way these individuals perceive a highly subjective concept such as Information Literacy (IL). Faculty and Librarians in higher education institutions often work together in the development of IL Programs. However, despite this collaborative relationship, it is not clear as to whether the two professional groups perceive the concept of IL similarly, or whether there exists a divide. Understanding how both professions perceive IL should be a priority, with findings from Ivey’s (2003) study revealing that a shared understanding forms one of the key elements for successful collaboration in relation to IL initiatives. This research project endeavours to shed light on this area by employing survey methodology to investigate how Faculty and Librarians at two higher education institutions in Australia and Singapore perceive the concept of IL in relation to ACRL's Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (ACRL, 2015), including a comparative analysis. 63 Faculty and 22 Librarians from Bond University and Singapore Management University were asked a combination of open-ended and attitude-scale type questions on the framework’s definition of IL; the six threshold concepts; and on their views on the value and impact of IL programs at their respective institutions. (...)


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Visto aqui. Seguir esta ligação para saber mais sobre o estudo, em Universo Abierto, pelo texto de Julio Alonso Arévalo, da Universidade de Salamanca.


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