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Sex | 03.01.14

Os livros também lêem os leitores

Imagem: The New York Times/ Technology 

Na era da internet não são só os leitores que lêem os livros;  os livros eletrónicos também podem ler o percurso e o rasto de dados que os seus leitores vão acumulando.

Before the Internet, books were written — and published — blindly, hopefully. Sometimes they sold, usually they did not, but no one had a clue what readers did when they opened them up. Did they skip or skim? Slow down or speed up when the end was in sight? Linger over the sex scenes?

A wave of start-ups is using technology to answer these questions — and help writers give readers more of what they want. The companies get reading data from subscribers who, for a flat monthly fee, buy access to an array of titles, which they can read on a variety of devices. The idea is to do for books what Netflix did for movies and Spotify for music. (...)

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