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Ter | 25.01.11

"One Hundred Tweets of Solitude"

As ambivalências da tecnologia, enquanto "arquitecta da nossa intimidade", retratadas no artigo One hundred tweets of solitude "Alone together", "seuls ensemble", sózinhos juntos, sós em conjunto, acompanhados mas sós, juntos mas sós....Qual  a melhor expressão para traduzir o paradoxo na nossa língua?

How many times a day do you check your email? When you wake up? Before bed? A dozen times in between? If you're like many of us, the red blinking light of a BlackBerry is the first thing you see each morning—you've got mail!—and the last glimpse of color to fade out before bedtime. It's constant and nagging—yet most of us say we can't live without it. Add Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of our social-media obsessions to the mix, and the technology that was supposed to simplify our lives has become the ultimate time-suck: the average teen spends more than seven hours a day using technological devices, plus an additional hour just text-messaging friends. (...)

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