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Qui | 19.08.10

O manuscrito

Os nossos escritos à mão estarão prestes a tornar-se um tesouro ou a ser excluídos dos nossos arquivos? Que dizer do declíneo das habilidades de escrita manual e de ortografia dos jovens?

(...) Not so long ago, writing by hand was a regular part of how we communicated with each other, and even with ourselves, through letters, postcards, diaries and notes. And it had personality: whether it was a back-leaning scrawl adrift on the page, a plump cursive or a fine copperplate, complete with dramatic flourishes, our handwriting’s quirks and foibles marked it as our own. Who hasn’t felt the jolt of a loved one’s memory, their voice and presence, after chancing upon their handwriting? (...)

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