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Sex | 18.11.11

O exemplo de Steve Jobs

Christopher Harris, coordenador do School Library System de uma escola cooperativa do Estado de Nova York (Genesee Valley Educational Partnership), afirma que todos temos  a aprender com o exemplo de  inovação e liderança do fundador da Apple, nomeadamente quem trabalha no mundo das bibliotecas.
(...)Teacher-librarians need to grab the mantle of leadership in our schools, especially in view of the digital shift. Passion, knowledge, expertise, and a strong dose of confidence put Jobs at the forefront of the technology world. The same qualities in a librarian will go a long way toward securing a leadership role for our profession in schools and districts.
Libraries might also glean from Jobs’s constant focus on the entire user experience. The success of the iPhone and iPad is as much about the software as it is about the hardware. With over-arching control, Apple was able to create a higher level of software integration than is commonly found in the Windows environment, where numerous external device drivers and a wide variety of software have to function with various hardware. Despite the criticism of Apple’s walled garden approach, one of the benefits of having control over your domain is ensuring that everything works properly. This is one of my concerns about individual publishers presenting their digital content on unique platforms with their own features and navigation. This can frustrate our users, who face having to relearn a new system with each new ebook.(...)
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