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Qui | 08.08.13

Manter as bibliotecas escolares relevantes

Um artigo sobre bibliotecas escolares e a necessidade de estas adotarem um misto de serviços, uns mais  tradicionais, outros mais contemporâneos e "futuristas", para continuarem captar o interesse dos estudantes e a manter a relevância que têm tido no apoio às aprendizagens,  disponibilização de informação e de recursos:

Public school libraries have always served an admirable purpose in education. In an indirect way, K-12 libraries have given students support in learning endeavors and been a go-to spot for information. With that being said, as the first Internet-generation rises through the public school ranks, libraries need big changes to remain relevant. It is not enough to simply "be there;" school libraries need to reach out to students and pull them in with helpful resources that combine traditional and contemporary theories in literacy.

Many school libraries are already making strides to capture and maintain the interest of students, while others seem to always be trailing just a few steps behind. Programs like the YOUmedia initiative housed at Chicago's Harold Washington Library incorporate student-led publishing, music as a form of literacy and encouragement in academic pursuits to keep K-12 kids interested in what the library can do for them. Though YOUmedia does not take place in a public school, the open access to urban students and push towards literacy through technology are applicable to school settings.

For public school libraries to keep up with student need, and grab the ever-divided attention of these youth, a blend of traditional and contemporary philosophy needs to take place. 

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