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Seg | 21.10.13

International Games Day @ your Library

O Dia Internacional dos Jogos na Biblioteca é uma iniciativa da ALA (American Library Association) que se celebra a 16 de novembro e já vai na sua 6ª edição. Basicamente, tem dois grandes objetivos:
- fazer com que as bibliotecas sejam vistas como locais de encontro, convívio e cultura, usando os jogos como instrumentos estupendos para criar laços entre pessoas da mesma geração ou de gerações diferentes;
- proporcionar às comunidades locais um dia diferente na biblioteca, em que as aprendizagens se fazem através de jogos de vários tipos: xadrez, uno, trivial, scrabble, pictonary, tangram, sudoku, puzzles, palavras cruzadas, jogos de estratégia, jogos tradicionais, jogos eletrónicos....

International Games Day @ your library is a chance to celebrate games, libraries, and the communities that both help to create and sustain with other library-lovers around the world. On Saturday, November 16, people all over the planet will join together to celebrate the mutually-reinforcing power of play and learning.
Basically, it's just a date when a whole bunch of libraries all over the world agree to play games in a spirit of co-operation. The games can be anything the library and community in question likes: previously, libraries have hosted "learn to play chess" days, board games, card games, trivia games, tabletop roleplaying games, online videogame tournaments that span North America, and social games that travel the entire world over the course of the day.
All a library has to do to be part of International Games Day @ your library is host some sort of games-related activity, which can be as simple or as elaborate as you are inspired and able to make it, on or around Saturday November 16.
Then just register here. That will put the library on our map of participating libraries (please note that there may be a delay of a couple of weeks as our volunteers de-duplicate the data and import it into the map).
More information for libraries about the day is available here, with a library-focused blog updated weekly. There are also a range of promotional materials available for libraries to use for free and can be modified and remixed as your local library's needs dictate.

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