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Sex | 26.09.14

Göteborg Book Fair














Göteborg Book Fair is the biggest event in Sweden for those working in the field of education. Out of almost 100,000 visitors, 18,000 work with pedagogy or teaching. This year, as the Book Fair turns 30, the Book Fair presents an ambitious project aimed at teachers, decision makers, principals, school librarians, special educators and other school employees. This year's added features include a new focus on the area entitled the Cloud. The purpose of the Cloud is to highlight good examples and, from a positive standpoint, engage visitors in discussion and interaction with teaching, digitisation and teaching aids as the starting point. The Cloud consists of a stage for inspiring lectures, a workshop area where visitors can engage in in-depth discussion and try out digital reaching tools, an area for the organisers where visitors can meet Cloud partners and a pop-up class where teachers can meet, and participate in lessons with, teachers and pupils who utilise digital tools on a daily basis.


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