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Seg | 23.04.12

Entrevista sobre o futuro do livro e da leitura

Uma entrevista a Clay Shirky, escritor e professor na New York University,  que fala sobre o futuro do livro, as mudanças no campo da edição e publicação e a perspetiva de "leitura social" que a web2.0 veio permitir: How we will read: Clay Shirky

Reproduzimos o excerto sobre "leitura social":

“Social reading,” the way I’ve always interpreted the phrase, is reading that recognizes that you’re not just a consumer, you’re a user. You’re going to do something with this, and that something is going to involve a group of other people. Read a book. The very next thing you’re going to do, if it was at all interesting, is talk to someone about it. Book groups and discussion lists are social reading. Because so much of our media in the 20th century was delivered in real-time, with very little subsequent ability to share, save, shift, store, we separated the consumption from the reproduction and use of media. We don’t actually think of ourselves as users of media, when in fact we are.