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Ter | 07.08.12

"Digital Deadline"

Digital Deadline de Brian Kibby: um artigo que defende a necessidade de transição rápida para um ambiente de aprendizagem totalmente digital, no ensino superior dos EUA. Uma necessidade que se pode colocar em relação a outros níveis de ensino e na maioria dos países, incluindo Portugal. 

The time has come to ask the question: When will we see the complete digital transformation of higher education in the United States?
The needs for the shift to digital are painfully clear: Grades are lagging, students aren’t graduating, and those who do earn a degree often don’t have the skills that employers want. While digital learning won’t solve all these problems, we need to find ways to drive students’ performance to help them recoup their college investment, and I believe that digital represents the fastest and best option.
With these needs in mind, I’m willing to put my stake in the ground.
As I see it, the publishing industry needs to do all it can to ensure that within 36 months, higher education in the U.S. will be completely digital. I’m not talking about a slight or even gradual increase in e-book adoptions or the use of adaptive learning. I’m talking about a total transition from a reliance on print textbooks to a full embrace of digital content and learning systems. Aside from the college library, you hopefully won’t be able to find a printed textbook on a college campus in three years. And if you are, we should all be disappointed.
To date, the rate of adoption of digital course materials has been slower than most would have expected. Only around 3 percent of students today purchase e-books over print, and less than half of my company’s customers come to us for digital.
There are a few reasons why I think we haven’t seen greater uptake.(...)

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