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Sex | 23.05.14

Crianças, adolescentes e leitura nos EUA

Um novo estudo sobre os hábitos de leitura das crianças e jovens jovens norte-americanos, Are Teenagers Reading Less? Consider the Source, divulgado e comentado no School Library Journal:


«Earlier this month, a new study, “Children, Teens, and Reading,” reported alarming statistics about the decline of reading among teenagers. Or, that’s the way the results of the study were reported in many respected news sources. I was about to give a couple of keynote addresses on reading, so I rushed to read the paper–and that’s where the trouble started.
The study does more to indicate what we do not know about teenagers and their reading habits than to help us understand what reading material does occupy their interest.
The “research brief” released by Common Sense Media (CSM), is actually a careful aggregation of what one assumes are equally careful studies conducted by respected and prestigious groups such as the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES); Scholastic; CSM; and the Kaiser Family Foundation. CSM is duly cautious–pointing out in detail that what “reading” means varied from study to study, and that the different organizations used distinct, and at times incommensurate, methodologies to gather information. But they miss an issue so central that its absence becomes a looming presence: school. (...)»


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