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Qua | 12.06.13

Como imaginar as bibliotecas académicas do futuro?

Como imaginar a biblioteca académica do futuro, mantendo as suas  caraterísticas tradicionais mas incorporando as tecnologias de informação? A Open Society Archives (Hungria) criou um projeto para incentivar essa discussão nas Universidades da Europa Central. 

The main challenge that arises when imagining the future academic library (of the Central European University, CEU) is one of conflicting approaches: how to preserve the traditional features of the library while incorporating the dominance of digital media. The case in question is the design of a learning environment specific to a graduate institution, where core collections need to be preserved, enhanced, and also transformed into open-ended generators of information.

The “Bibliotheca” exhibition aims to engage the CEU community in a discussion about the future library by providing a visual, conceptual and experimental platform of inquiry into the spatial, infrastructural, technological, and practical conditions of academic knowledge production. (...)

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