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Qua | 16.02.11

Argumentos a favor e contra as bibliotecas

Nestes tempos de crise, que está muito longe de ser apenas económica, em alguns países como os EUA ou o Reino Unido, já há bibliotecas ameaçadas de fecho. A situação tem feito multiplicar os testemunhos sobre a utilidade que as bibliotecas podem ter na nossa vida pessoal e profissional, como revelam um empresário e uma fotógrafa no  vídeo acima.

Também vale a pena lermos o artigo que o vídeo acompanha e que se intitula: Are libraries finished? Five arguments for and against

With more than 400 public libraries under threat of closure, the campaign to save them is gathering pace. But in an age of downloads, cheap books and easy online shopping, can this great British institution survive?
Some of the UK's best-selling authors have joined the fight against "cultural vandalism" by backing a national day of protest read-ins against library closures on Saturday.
But no matter how eloquently Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy or author Colin Dexter extol their virtues, the fact is library visitor numbers - like their budgets - are falling.
Campaigners say they are irreplaceable doors to learning more relevant now than ever before, but for others the speed and breadth of the web has rendered them obsolete dinosaurs.
So what can the internet provide that a library can't, and when is there simply no online substitute for a trip to your local library?

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