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Qui | 04.07.13

Aprender a aprender

Num mundo em  constante mudança e inovação, saber aprender é uma das capacidades mais importantes que trabalhadores - e, acrescentamos nós,  cidadãos - podem possuir,  refere o Libraryjournal

“BEING ADAPTABLE IN A FLAT world, knowing how to ‘learn how to learn,’ will be one of the most important assets any worker can have, because job churn will come faster, because innovation will happen faster,” writes Thomas Friedman in The World Is Flat. I’ve invoked this “learn to learn” mantra before, but recent shifts in the opportunities for librarians and library staff to learn have brought me back to it.
I’ve presented at a fair share of library staff development days. I enjoy them; staff come together, usually with the library closed, for updates from the director, a speaker or two, a chance to learn something new. These sessions might be focused on LIS—I usually talk about evolving library services and ­socio-technological change—or centered on personal improvement and include such content as yoga demonstrations, stress reduction techniques, or healthy cooking. These are all good things, especially if used as a starting point for “healthy library” initiatives or a future-focused strategic planning year. Sometimes, though, I worry that there’s great excitement about learning during staff day that doesn’t last. Many staff days get folks energized, but then the excitement dies down the following week.

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