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Entrevista a John Kotter, autor da fábula O nosso icebergue está a derreter, que conta a história de uma colónia de pinguins na Antártida.

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De angelina maria pereira a 03.05.2010 às 23:01

Curiosa/ acabei de ler uma parte de uma entrevista a Camille Paglia na qual, a certa altura e a propósito da (má) educação/escola de hoje, afirma:
But instead of that, the kids get ideology. They're taught that global warming has been caused by factories. They have no idea there’s been climate change throughout history. And they're scared into thinking that tsunamis are coming to drown New York.

This whole thing about global warming – I am absolutely incredulous at the gullibility of people. What is this hysteria over drowning polar bears? And finally I realized, people don’t know polar bears can swim! For me, the answer is always more facts, more basic information, presented without sentimentality and without drama. To inflict this kind of anxiety on young people is an outrage.

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